Routes and CoVID Guidelines

Participants will be required to register for the 5K in order to participate in the event. Register here!

Run Routes:

In person 5K participants: The 5K route will start at the Merten Hall Lawn. For a PDF version of the route, visit:

Virtual 5K participants: choose or design a 5K route that is convenient for you, one that is in your neighborhood, that you may have run in the past, one that is recommended by a running group, or an exercise app such as Mapmyrun. which has a large variety of run routes for the Northern Virginia Area and a great search tool. As an example:

Also useful:

  • Work with Google Maps to track exercise and create maps for further running and cycling
  • has a database of “over 603,00 runs provided by runners that is searchable by distance and location. The link takes you to a list of 5 to 10k runs in Virginia.