Routes and CoVID Guidelines

Health and Safety Guidelines:

  1. Participants will be required to register for the 5K in order to participate in the event.
  2. Participants are required to sign off on the Assumption of Risk portion of the 5k Registration Form.
  3. On the day they intend to run/walk as a 5k registrant, George Mason University participants are required to submit the Mason COVID Health Check.
  4. All participants are required to maintain a 10-foot personal distance from all other people at all times, the required distance for outdoor activities and exercise.
  5. All participants will wear face coverings during any period they are unable to maintain the 10-foot distance from others.
  6. Running in a group or with a partner is discouraged. Under any circumstances maintain 10 feet of personal distance.

Run Routes:

  1. Participants: choose or design a 5k route that is convenient for you, one that is in your neighborhood, that you may have run in the past, one that is recommended by a running group, or an exercise app such as Mapmyrun. which has a large variety of run routes for the Northern Virginia Area and a great search tool. As an example:
    1. Fairfax
    2. Arlington
    3. Alexandria
    4. Centreville

Also useful:

  • Work with Google Maps to track exercise and create maps for further running and cycling
  • has a database of “over 603,00 runs provided by runners that is searchable by distance and location. The link takes you to a list of 5 to 10k runs in Virginia.